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Simplify your business growth and sale while maximizing wealth with our expert guidance and personalized approach.

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Transforming the Complex Journey of Business Sale into a Simple, Step-by-Step Process


Engage with our team of experts who are ready to listen to your needs and align our strategies with your business goals.


Together we'll craft a comprehensive plan and an exit strategy, to optimize your business potential and set you up for a successful transition.

Reap Benefits

Experience peace of mind as you secure your future, reaping the financial rewards and enjoying the prosperous outcome of your journey.

Why Plan Your Exit Early?

Achieve More by Planning Less: The Power of Exit Strategy

Grow & Sell

Balance business growth with an early exit strategy for a seamless, profitable transition. A timely exit strategy ensures you can tap into the right market trends and buyer interests.

Reduce Risk

Minimize risks associated with a hasty sale such as undervaluation or deal fall-through. Early planning affords you the time to identify and rectify business weaknesses.

Secure Legacy

Guarantee the continuity of your business legacy by finding the right buyers. Early planning provides more options and better control over your business's future.

Maximize Your Business Value with Exit Strategy Mastery

Maximize Your Business Value with Exit Strategy Mastery

We provide a comprehensive formula to help grow your business and plan your exit.

Our approach includes:

Secure Your Future with Exit Strategy Mastery

With over 40 years of hands-on experience in building and selling companies, we help you navigate the complexities of a business sale.

Our services allow you to:

Secure Your Future with Exit Strategy Mastery

Unlock the Potential: Keys to Business Prosperity

Discover the elements that fuel business growth and valuation. Dive into critical components that elevate your business, making it an attractive prospect for future investors.

Market Knowledge

Understand your business's current market value

Business Strengths

Highlight your business's unique strengths

Potential Buyers

Identify the right buyers for your business

Transaction Types

Choose the right transaction type

Due Diligence

Smoothly navigate the due diligence process

Team Building

Assemble a strong, supportive team


Master the art of negotiation for best terms

Growth Investment

Invest in growth before selling for a higher price

Legacy Security

Plan your future legacy after the sale

The Exit Strategy Mastery Difference

Charting a successful business path requires not only vision but experience. That’s what sets Exit Strategy Mastery apart. We’ve walked the path, growing and selling our own businesses for decades.

With our hands-on knowledge and proven strategies, we empower business owners to drive their future. We have already equipped hundreds of owners with tools for a profitable exit.

More than just advisers, we are your partners in maximizing wealth and securing your legacy. Make your exit on your own terms, with confidence and peace of mind.


Years of Experience

Leveraged 40+ years of exceptional hands-on experience in building, growing and selling companies.


Businesses Helped

Successfully guided hundreds of businesses through their sale process, from planning, initiation to close.

$2+ Billion

Transactions Closed

Award-winning investment banking background, with over $2 billion worth of ESOP transactions closed.

Our real-world business experiences coupled with our investment banking expertise provide us a unique edge in guiding business owners through their selling journey, from preparation to completion.

Meet the Founders

Richard Harmon and Mordy Levine

With their combined experience of 80+ years in business development, sales, and investment banking, Richard and Mordy are committed to empowering business owners like you with the tools and knowledge necessary for successful exits. Their mission is to:

Meet the Founders

Richard Harmon and Mordy Levine

Skip the Guesswork: Learn from Experts Who've Walked the Walk

In this brief video, delve into the core of Exit Strategy Mastery. Discover our unique approach and how we empower businesses just like yours.

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Your Questions, Answered

Exit Strategy Mastery is more than just a consulting firm; we are your partners in success. Leveraging our decades of hands-on business growth and selling experience, we provide a strategic and practical roadmap to help you navigate the complex path of selling your business.

But our support doesn’t just focus on the sale itself. We provide comprehensive guidance to prepare you for every stage of your business journey, helping you to increase value, reduce risk, and secure your legacy.

Exit Strategy Mastery provides a multi-faceted approach to business growth and successful exit. We help you identify the best time to sell, understand and maximize your business value, identify potential buyers, and effectively market your company.

We also offer insights into due diligence and risk management, giving you a holistic understanding of the sale process. However, our assistance doesn’t stop there. We delve into managing your mindset during the process and preparing for your financial future post-sale, ensuring you’re fully equipped for the entire journey.

Absolutely! At Exit Strategy Mastery, we firmly believe that a successful exit strategy begins years before you decide to sell. Our expertise allows us to guide you in structuring your business now for maximum value in the future.

We focus on identifying and addressing weaknesses, highlighting your business’s unique features, and planning for a smooth sale process, all of which can dramatically increase your company’s market value when you’re ready to sell.

Exit Strategy Mastery stands apart from other business consultants due to our team’s real-world experience and proven track record.

Our team, led by industry veterans Richard Harmon and Mordy Levine, has built and sold their own businesses, providing a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities you face.

Richard, a seasoned investment banker, has successfully closed over $2 billion worth of transactions. Mordy, with his extensive entrepreneurial and consulting experience, brings invaluable insights into business growth and strategic planning.

Our hands-on knowledge enables us to offer guidance that is both strategic and practical.

Starting your journey with Exit Strategy Mastery is simple and straightforward. You can begin by reaching out to our team for a consultation or downloading our free eBook for insights into our approach.

We’re here to answer all your questions, address your concerns, and guide you towards a successful exit strategy. We look forward to partnering with you on this exciting journey.

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