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Master the Art of Wealth Creation When Selling Your Business

Journey to Your Exit Goals

Journey to Your Exit Goals

Dive deep into what truly drives your decision to sell your business. Explore the underlying motivations that can make your sale more purposeful and fulfilling. Reflect on your personal aspirations, whether it’s transitioning to retirement or pursuing new ventures.

Find how aligning personal motivations with business goals can revolutionize your exit strategy. Discover how this alignment can bring clarity to decision-making and fuel your determination, leading to a more rewarding and successful exit.

Unlocking Your Business' True Value

Peek behind the curtains of business valuation in this eBook and see how numbers tell a compelling story of your business and its potential. Discover how a nuanced understanding of these figures can empower you to demonstrate the true worth of your enterprise.

Get a glimpse of how industry professionals calculate the price of success and find out strategic methods that could skyrocket your business’s value. See your business how potential buyers see it, enhancing your positioning and negotiation power in the sales process.

Unlocking Your Business' True Value

Your Personal and Business' Future After The Sale

Your Personal and Business' Future After The Sale

Selling your business isn’t an end, it’s a new beginning. You’ll uncover “Must Dos” to ensuring the continuity of your business legacy and carving a prosperous personal financial future. These insights will guide you in envisioning the future trajectory of your business beyond the sale, while ensuring your hard work continues to thrive.

Discover the unsaid importance of business continuity after the transaction and get a preview of strategies that could secure your wealth post-sale. Gain an understanding of how careful planning and strategic decision-making can further multiply your wealth and set you up for long-term financial stability and success.

Our Proven Track Record

Our real-world business experiences coupled with our investment banking expertise provide us a unique edge in guiding business owners through their selling journey, from preparation to completion.


Years of Experience

Leveraged 40+ years of exceptional hands-on experience in building, growing and selling companies.


Businesses Helped

Successfully guided hundreds of businesses through their sale process, from planning, initiation to close.

$2+ Billion

Transactions Closed

Award-winning investment banking background, with over $2 billion worth of ESOP transactions closed.

Meet Your Guides: Richard Harmon and Mordy Levine

With their combined experience of 80+ years in business development, sales, and investment banking, Richard and Mordy are committed to empowering business owners like you with the tools and knowledge necessary for successful exits. Their mission is to:

Your Personalized Roadmap For a Profitable Business Sale and Wealth Maximization

Uncover tailored strategies and insider secrets for optimizing your unique business’s potential for wealth generation.

Understand Market Value

Acquire a clear understanding of your business's current market worth.

Maximize Valuation

Optimize operations and showcase strengths to enhance business valuation.

Prepare for Due Diligence

Simplify due diligence, setting the stage for a successful transaction.

Negotiate Better

Master negotiation skills to secure the most advantageous sale terms.

Identify Buyers

Find the ideal buyers who appreciate and will maintain your business legacy.

Manage Mindset

Maintain positivity and resilience for optimal decision-making during the sale.

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FREE eBook: Wealth Unleashed: 14 Must-Dos to Maximize Your Profit When Selling Your Business

Unlock a wealth of knowledge inside our eBook designed to guide you through selling your business, providing actionable steps and insights.

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Our eBook, “Wealth Unleashed: 14 Must-Dos to Maximize Your Profit When Selling Your Business” is instantly accessible, completely free.

Download it or access it on any device – it’s compatible with web browsers on computers, tablets, and phones for your convenience.

This eBook serves as your comprehensive guide, walking you through the complex process of selling your business.

You’ll gain valuable insights into preparation, valuation, negotiation, and much more. It’s your step-by-step roadmap to maximizing your profit while selling your business.

Absolutely! Our eBook is crafted to cater to businesses of various types and sizes.

It provides tailored strategies and universal principles that are valuable to any business owner considering selling their business.

At Exit Strategy Mastery, we offer a unique blend of hands-on business experience and investment banking expertise.

Our founders, Richard Harmon and Mordy Levine, have themselves built and sold companies, providing them a unique perspective. Their shared wisdom in this eBook sets it apart from other resources.

Yes, it indeed is! We believe in empowering business owners with the necessary tools to achieve a successful business sale.

We offer this eBook completely free of charge as part of our mission to share our knowledge and expertise.

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